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My name is Acadia Duncan. I am from Hickory, North Carolina. I loved growing up in North Carolina. I don’t live far from the beach or from the mountains. It’s the best of both worlds. Growing up in North Carolina means you have cold winters and warm summers. Summer was and still is my favorite season.  We would spend most of our summers at North Myrtle Beach or at Green Mountain RV Park. So many memories were made with my family and friends.

In high school, I was an avid cheerleader and soccer player. I met some of my lifelong friends throughout my high school career. After graduating from high school, I continued my schooling at Gardner Webb University. College was a very exciting time.  I majored in Sociology and I absolutely loved it.


Left to Right --> Ambria, Acadia, Melissa, Chris

I’ve always wanted to start a boutique because I love shopping. Fashion and Social Media were always a hobby of mine. After selling clothes and accessories on Etsy & eBay, I decided to turn those passions into a small business, Divine Ivy Boutique. Ultimately, my goal is to open a store front.

I love to take pictures, travel, reading, and spending time with my friends and family. I am a cat mom. I have two babies, Luna & Ashe (see photos below). They enjoy modeling in their free time. 




I love people but more importantly I love God. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me. I know God will lead me in the right direction. 


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